Digital Identity Solutions

Digital Identity Solutions

A Digital Identity Solution - An Identity for Everything

Digital identity solutions are tools and systems that enable individuals, organizations, and every ‘thing’ - computers, smartphones, internet-connected services (IoT), and applications, to establish and verify their identities online. These solutions enhance security, privacy, and convenience in various digital transactions and interactions. Digital identification, often known as "Digital ID," can be explicitly authenticated over a digital channel, allowing access to banking, government benefits, education, and a variety of other vital services.

Digital Identity for Humans

Digital identity for an individual is made up of information about a person that is available online, which corresponds to their digital persona as a physical person. This is very much in contrast to a physical identity which encompasses the attributes and characteristics that are associated with a person in the physical world. A physical identity includes tangible features such as a person's physical appearance, biometrics such as fingerprints and facial features, government-issued identification documents which include passports, and driver's licenses, and personal attributes such as name, date of birth, and address.

A digital identity refers to an individual's online or virtual identity. It consists of the digital representation of a person's identity and attributes in the digital realm. This includes information such as usernames, email addresses, social media profiles, digital certificates, and unique identifiers associated with online accounts or services. 
Digital identity is used to authenticate individuals and authorize their access to digital systems, online services, and platforms.

Digital Identity for IoT

A digital identity solution is an essential concept in the Internet of Things (IoT). It identifies devices, people, and other entities using digital means. In other terms, it is a method of uniquely identifying things in the digital realm.

Digital identity solutions for humans and the Internet of Things (IoT) differ in their design and application due to the unique characteristics and requirements of each context.

The field of digital identity is rapidly evolving with new technologies and approaches being developed to address the challenges of digital identity management. Therefore, the process of implementing and operating a trusted and worldwide operable digital identity solution may not be cost-effective, requires a high level of expertise, can be time-consuming and challenging to integrate, and puts strain on internal resources. 

A digital identification solution is a catalyst for digital transformation and can result in substantial business value. In addition to enhancing security and user experiences, it also assures regulatory compliance, increases operational efficiency, enables personalization, and opens up new possibilities for collaboration and revenue generation. Organizations that invest in a reliable and scalable digital identity solution are better positioned to prosper in the digital age.

Utimaco has a proven track record in delivering digital identity management solutions to protect businesses and their customers. Our solutions are characterized by the secure creation of unique digital identities, their definite identification and authentication as well as the authentication of users including long-term authenticity.

Business Value

Business Value of a Digital Identity Management Solution


Enhanced Security

  • Strengthens security measures by providing robust authentication and authorization mechanisms. It helps protect against identity theft, fraud, and unauthorized access to sensitive information. 
  • Easy provisioning of digital certificates for users, applications, networks, or devices to establish a chain of trust 
  • Secures key generation and storage inside the secure boundary of the HSM
  • Extensive key management with key authorization
  • By implementing strong identity verification processes, organizations can reduce the risk of data breaches and financial losses, safeguarding their reputation and customer trust.

Enablement of Digital Services

  • Identity generation, renewal, revocation, and lifecycle management for digital certificates
  • Easy provisioning of digital certificates for users, applications, networks or devices – establish a chain of trust for any industry and use case
  • Identity generation, renewal, revocation, and lifecycle management for digital certificates
  • Easy provisioning of digital certificates for users, applications, networks or devices – establish a chain of trust for any industry and use case
  • The ideal foundation for secure communication, authentication, access control and data authenticity
  • Ensure confidentiality, authenticity, and non-repudiation of sensitive information
  • Enables organizations to offer a wide range of digital services and experiences ranging from online banking, e-commerce transactions, eHealth, as well as personalized recommendations
  • By providing seamless and trusted digital interactions, organizations can expand their digital footprint, enter new markets, and unlock revenue opportunities.


Regulatory Compliance

  • Helps organizations meet legal compliance obligations regarding identity verification, data protection, and privacy. 
  • By incorporating features such as user consent management, data encryption, and audit trails, organizations can demonstrate compliance with relevant regulations, avoiding penalties and legal risks.

eIDAS Compliant & Common Criteria Certified

  • Supports companies and trust service providers (TSPs) in fulfilling policy and security requirements defined in various ETSI technical standards (ETSI EN 319 401, EN 319 411, EN 319 421, EN 910/2014).
  • Common Criteria (CC) certified based on the eIDAS Protection Profile (PP) EN 419 241-2 & available as a PCIe plug-in card or as a network-attached appliance

Operational Efficiency

  • Easy integration into an existing process landscape
  • Centralized generation and verification of electronic signatures
  • Automating identity-related processes through a digital identity solution reduces manual efforts involved in identity verification, password resets, and account management. 
  • Enables organizations to allocate resources more effectively, optimize employee productivity, and reduce administrative costs.

User Experience

Streamlines user onboarding, authentication, and access management processes, resulting in an improved user experience.


Partnership & Collaboration Opportunities

  • By securely sharing identity information with trusted entities, organizations can facilitate seamless integration, data exchange, and interoperability with partners, suppliers, or third-party service providers. 
  • Opens up new business opportunities, expands service offerings, and drives innovation.

Personalization & Customer Insights

  • Provides organizations with valuable customer data and insights. By capturing user preferences, behaviors, and transactional history, organizations can personalize their offerings, target relevant marketing campaigns, and deliver personalized customer experiences.  
  • Leads to increased customer loyalty, repeat business, and potentially higher revenues.



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