Early Warning for Smart Cities
Government & Public Sector

Early Warning for Smart Cities

Leveraging on sensor data, prediction models and artificial intelligence to identify early natural disasters and trigger the right response and warning

In the smart city, the entire urban environment can be equipped with data collection points. This creates an Internet of Things that creates a more efficient and sustainable way of living using digital  technologies to solve common challenges in cities. Among other use cases, the city can deploy sensors that measure specific data – such as meteorological data - to detect early signs of natural disasters. This takes into account the geographic environment in which the city is located - for example, by the sea, in an earthquake zone, or in an area that experiences hot spells in the summer.

In smart cities, the connectivity can be used for an early warning system:

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Detecting signs of critical events
  • Automated processes and alerts
  • Post event analysis to improve future response

Smart cities can leverage their technology and connectivity to respond early to critical events and take automated, pre-defined actions to address them.


Applications for Early Warning for Smart Cities


Early Warning for Heavy Rain

Location-based early warning systems equipped with sensors to alert people and organizations about heavy rain and its potentially serious consequences such as flash flooding.


Early Warning for Forest Fires

Targeted communication to warn first responders and people about wildfires so they can evacuate and take effective action in a timely manner.


Multi Channel Alerting

Send notifications or alarms on more than one distribution channel to maximize the timely reach.


Preparation & Alarming Chains

Prepare for crisis and disaster with executable action plans. Define alarming chains in advance to deliver an immediate response when disaster strikes.



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