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Utimaco @ RSA Conference 2024

Come to San Francisco and Discover The Better Choice  – Utimaco’s Portfolio for Complete Security at RSA 2024

Staying ahead of the ever-changing cybersecurity challenges in today’s world doesn’t have to be complicated. Discover our unique portfolio providing highest security in a reliable way.

Visit our booth and learn how we enable the complete security for your digital infrastructure.

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Join Utimaco at booth 5256 in Moscone North Expo to experience:

  • Data Protection
  • Payments
  • Key Management
  • Trust as a Service

Additionally, take advantage of these exclusive opportunity:

  • Test your cryptographic applications with Utimaco’s free Hardware Security Module Simulator

Utimaco's Speakers at RSA Conference

Nils Gerhardt

Nils Gerhardt, CTO, Utimaco

Fabian Eidens

Fabian Eidens, Technology Manager, Utimaco

Melissa Azouaoui

Dr. Melissa Azouaoui, Senior Cryptographer, NXP Semiconductors

Spotlight Sessions

Attend Utimaco’s Spotlight Sessions

  • Level-up your crypto - How to prepare for the advent of Quantum Computing - Utimaco’s CTO, Nils Gerhardt will share valuable insights on the latest developments in Quantum Computing and how to secure your complete digital infrastructure against quantum threats. He will introduce you to the cornerstones of making your digital infrastructure ready for the future. 

    On-site Presentation; Session-ID: SBIP-4270
  • PQC in Practice  – Use Cases, Migration Tips and a Free Demo Tool - Utimaco Technology Manager Dr. Fabian Eidens and CTO Nils Gerhardt will provide you with first-hand experiences from successful PQC migration projects, share insights on lattice and hash-based algorithms, and present crypto-agile HSMs. They will be joined by Melissa Azouaoui from NXP who will speak about NXP's successful project with Utimaco for secure, quantum-resistant firmware updates for their semiconductors. Take the chance to use Utimaco’s free simulator tool to test PQC algorithms for your use case. 

    On-demand Session; Session-ID: SBOD-4269

You can also schedule an onsite meeting in advance with our information security experts. These sessions are available on a first-come first-serve basis; we encourage you to book the appointment now.

Discover why Utimaco is the better choice for you. 

Book a meeting with our experts to learn how our solutions can address your individual cybersecurity needs.

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Book a meeting

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