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Utimaco Solutions and DORA – Building Cyber Resilience and Security

Complying to the Digital Operational Resilience Act with cybersecurity and incident management

 Strengthen your cyber resilience and security with Utimaco’s solutions

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), which is aimed at banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies, will come into full effect in January 2025. It is a legislative proposal from the European Commission that contains rules and guidelines for the protection, detection, containment, recovery and repair capabilities against ICT-related incidents for the following areas:

  • ICT Risk Management
  • ICT-related incident management
  • Digital Operational Resilience testing
  • Third-party management
  • Information sharing

Is your organization prepared for DORA?

Utimaco’s cybersecurity and incident management solutions can help you achieve the appropriate level of protection and resilience required by DORA.

This document covers the essentials of DORA and how to comply, including:

  • DORA’s definition and guidelines
  • The timeline
  • Who is affected
  • What areas affected organizations will need to address

The DORA legislative text outlines a list of requirements, guidelines, and specifications that financial institutions must follow. In this brochure, we have highlighted the key articles that address cybersecurity requirements – including how to achieve an appropriate level of security with file and folder encryption, Critical Event Management, and Hardware Security Modules.



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