Preparation and Alarming Chains

Preparation and Alarming Chains

Be Prepared for the Unexpected – Maintain an Action Plan Strategy for Every Critical Event 

Crisis and accidents tend to emerge without prior warning. Therefore, it becomes imperative to have a well-prepared disaster mitigation plan in place for any critical scenario. 

Utilizing location-based risk analysis enables the identification of potential scenarios that could impact your organization. When compiling this list, take into account the following factors:

  • Accidents, crises, or generic critical events
  • Region-specific events based on geographic conditions or geopolitical situations
  • Industry-specific threats, based on your business vulnerabilities or specific operational conditions

After finalizing the list of critical events you need to be prepared for, you can then begin the process of formulating an action plan for each significant event. During this process, take into account the following factors:

Are there any regulations you need to follow?

  • Identify individuals that you need to protect
  • Recognize individuals with specific responsibilities, including managers and trained personnel
  • Highlight assets that need dedicated protection such as hardware, servers, or buildings
  • Address intangible assets and vulnerable processes, such as brand reputation or supply chain processes

The strategies for safeguarding these factors should be clearly outlined in your communication plan and alarm notification chains. Ideally, the necessary measures should be programmed for automatic execution – step-by step or in parallel. This ensures that when a critical event, crisis, or any other incident arises, these actions are promptly activated and implemented. 

In this process, it is not only important to warn people, but also to inform them with precise and succinct instructions regarding the next steps that need to be taken. With a Critical Event Management system in place, organizations can establish distinct events and associate them with the appropriate Action Plans and Alarming Chains. This way, when an incident occurs, immediate and targeted actions can be taken, ensuring the prompt implementation of appropriate measures and avoiding unnecessary delays.

Utimaco’s Critical Event Management and u.warn Early Warning suite offers a diverse range of templates that incorporate predefined lists of critical events and action plans into its solutions. These solutions include alarming chains for each scenario which can be customized to align with your specific needs.



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