Early Warning for Civil Protection Agencies
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Early Warning for Civil Protection Agencies

When Every Second Counts – Minimizing the Impact of Disasters with Early Warning Systems

Civil Protection Agencies are tasked with protecting the public from nationwide threats, especially natural and man-made disasters.

Early Warning Systems grant valuable time to take necessary actions such as

  • Alerting population
  • Evacuating people
  • Organizing shelters and first aid
  • Protecting critical infrastructures

The sooner civil protection agencies are notified of impending critical events, the more time they have to take the appropriate action. Literally, every second counts. That is why an effective Early Warning System is of utmost importance. With an Early Warning System in place, civil protection agencies can monitor any situation from global to regional based on scientific data analysis and take an informed action as early as possible.


Applications for Early Warning for Civil Protection Agencies


Early Warning for Heavy Rain

A flood warning system can provide critical information about risk levels, heavy rain warnings, flood timing and intensity, ensuring that municipalities and cities are warned at an early stage for critical decision-making and in turn, implement an effective response strategy.


Early Warning for Forest Fires

While wildfires pose a terrifying risk, early detection is key and fatal outcomes are preventable. External sensors and services (radar, satellite imagery or thermal imaging) can be used for monitoring possible wildfires.


Multi Channel Alerting

Send notifications or alarms on more than one distribution channel to maximize the timely reach.


Preparation & Alarming Chains

Prepare for crisis and disaster with executable action plans. Define alarming chains in advance to deliver an immediate response when disaster strikes.

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