Payment HSM service

Soft Space Reaps Benefits from MYHSM

The following case study illustrates how Soft Space, a leading global fintech company headquartered in Malaysia, sought to scale up their financial services ecosystem by acquiring a cutting-edge payment Hardware Security Module (HSM).

 This strategic move aimed to fortify their customer-facing platform, empowering it to execute essential security operations such as key injection, encryption, and decryption with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Existing Keys migrated 
Increased turnaround time 
and overall performance 
Entire implementation
within just 6 months


Take a closer look at

Main Challenges

  • To avoid the complexities associated with managing multiple solutions, which can be both challenging and cost-ineffective, Soft Space pursued a goal of integrating a single, easily manageable solution capable of addressing all their requirements
  • A solution was required that ensured complete transparency in costs, which meant that no hidden expenditures would be incurred post-implementation
  • Stringent adherence to PCI compliance was imperative to meet the highest standards of payment security.

Key Benefits

  • The provision of a suite of PCI PIN compliant features alongside a fully managed Payment HSMs-as-a-Service, provided by Utimaco MYHSM, resulted in a unified and effortlessly manageable solution
  • The inclusion of Utimaco's Atalla AT 1000 HSM became essential for a non-Software-as-a-Service (non-SaaS) solution, ensuring compliance with all security requirements and facilitating a seamless migration process to replace Soft Space's existing solution.

Read the full case study for details on the implemented solution, how it was deployed, and its benefits.

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