Multi-Channel Alerting

Multi-Channel Alerting

Delivering the appropriate message at the right time – and through the correct channel

In a critical situation – time and communication are paramount. Within seconds, people must be warned by delivering essential information about:

  • What is happening
  • Where it is happening
  • How to respond.

Communication messages must be delivered through the appropriate channels. A multi-channel alerting approach increases the likelihood of reaching as many people as possible. Particularly if the urgency requires immediate action, employing multiple channels simultaneously is the optimal approach. 

Possible distribution channels may include:

  • SMS
  • Phone Call
  • Social media channels
  • Apps
  • SIM
  • Email
  • Public Warning channels such as:
  • Cell broadcast
  • Location-based SMS
  • Sirens
  • TV/Radio

To ensure that the right people are warned about an emergency event such as a chemical spill, alerts should be location-based. This means only those that are within the affected area receive the alerts. This technology relies on cell broadcast and location-based SMS.

A critical event management system can also integrate customized communication channels tailored to organizations – including options like corporate software or intranet.

The results of the Federal German Warning Day 2022 confirm the effectiveness of the Multi-Channel Alerting approach, achieving a communication reach of over 90% of the population, primarily due to the combination of various Alerting Channels. 

Modern digital warning channels, especially the recently introduced Cell Broadcast, demonstrated the highest direct outreach. Read more



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