Emergency Management Keyvisual

Emergency Management

Be prepared for any kind of emergency with Critical Event Management

Organizations are responsible for the safety of their workforce and visitors and need to ensure the resilience of their business operations. Therefore, they need to be prepared for various types of emergencies:

  • Natural disasters: Emergency situations caused by severe weather conditions such as floods,earthquakes, hurricanes, or heat waves
  • Human-made hazards in the offices or production site such as fires, chemical spills, industrial accidents, or terrorist attacks
  • Incidents that threaten business continuity such as cyberattacks, virus alerts, or supply chain incidents

What do all these situations have in common? They are likely to take you by surprise, require your full attention, and suddenly become your top priority.

That is why it is invaluable to have a system in place to help you manage emergency situations from start to finish. A Critical Event Management (CEM) system is a great help in dealing with such extreme situations. Utimaco's CEM allows you to define the necessary steps to be taken for each possible incident, following the "Prepare, Protect and Restore" approach:

  • Prepare: List all types of emergencies that could happen within the organization. Then define the necessary steps that need to be taken to protect your people and business assets and restore business as usual.
  • Protect: Execute the actions defined for the corresponding emergency. This also involves automated security measures connected with IoT devices.
  • Restore: Take the appropriate steps to restore the status quo, including a detailed event report and a post event analysis.


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