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HSMs for General Purpose Use Cases

Providing security for a wide range of cryptographic use cases

Cryptography is becoming increasingly crucial in infrastructures and organizations across various industries for numerous business use cases such as Public Key Infrastructure requirements, key generation, storage, and processing, digital signing services, securing blockchain systems, subscriber authentication in mobile networks, and so on. As a result, there is a range of new obligations and responsibilities related to how these secrets are processed, stored, and used, even based on country-specific regulations.

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are not only the most proven secure method for cryptographic use cases, but they have also fulfilled new market obligations and responsibilities for decades. HSMs are physical devices that perform cryptographic operations such as key generation and storage, identities and database management, key exchange and encryption, and decryption to ensure the safety of business secrets.

Utimaco’s General Purpose HSMs for securing your most sensitive assets

UTIMACO’s General Purpose HSMs have been designed to meet the needs and standards of a wide range of use cases and market segments in a highly reliable and secured manner.

Based on more than 30 years of experience in hardware-based security, UTIMACO has developed and optimized a family of general purpose HSMs, with models that address different levels of performance and physical security for use cases in enterprises, government, and public administration, and large infrastructures. The general purpose HSMs fulfill various compliance and regulation mandates such as

  • eIDAS
  • VS-NfD
  • FIPS
  • GDPR
  • KassenSichV

UTIMACO’s General Purpose HSM portfolio covers every use case, adding an extra layer of security to a wide range of use cases.

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