PQC Consultancy

PQC consultancy

Designed to support the success of our partners and customers

We offer you our expertise in

  • Post Quantum Cryptography
  • Key migration
  • Cloud solutions
  • Pre-sales consultancy for both partners & end customers

to enable the smooth design and implementation of Proof of Concepts (PoCs), customization, cloudification and key migration projects.


PQC consultancy for partners and end users

Understand requirements and translate them into a roadmap to making your organization quantum resistant

The main task of the consultancy team is to help you understand the main challenges that Quantum computers can pose to your IT security infrastructure and help you translate customer requirements into a PQC roadmap.

Our Crypto-Agility package is based on a 4 Step approach:

  • Investigate: Together, we determine where you have crypto material, and what is it used for, how much do you have, …
  • Evaluate: Utimaco evaluates the material and use cases, and determines which of these uses are most susceptible to QC? (Quantify Risk)
  • Navigate: Utimaco assets guide and assist you as you begin the migration to crypto agile systems.
  • Integrate: Utimaco professional services are available also to place boots on the ground, assisting with writing custom applications, libraries and (HSM-resident) firmware modules that implement quantum safe algorithm use, optimizing for performance and protecting your business logic by placing parts directly into the HSM.
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We can help you get your IT security infrastructure quantum resistant.

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