Utimaco Applied Crypto Symposium in the US 2018

Quantum computers will revolutionize many industries and will be powerful enough to break all commonly used public key cryptographic algorithms.

It is not a question of if your business will be affected, but when and how will quantum computers impact your day-to-day operations and product architecture.

At the third edition of our Applied Crypto Symposium, we were honored to welcome some of the most notable names in the world of quantum cryptography. The event agenda included thought leaders, academics and industry experts including:

We took a deep dive into all things post-quantum and covered topics such as:

  • The state of affairs in post-quantum research.
  • How organizations around the world are planning and preparing for a post-quantum society.
  • Challenges with post-quantum cryptography implementation.
  • The latest innovations sparked by the race to be quantum-safe in payments, automotive and blockchain applications.
  • Methodologies for making legacy systems quantum safe.

Will these new ciphers come to the rescue when the quantum computer falls into the hands of the wrong people?

Hear what our guest speakers had to say about the status of post-quantum cryptography and the event itself.

Blog post by Paul Abraham

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