Discover the top 10 reasons to migrate to Atalla AT1000 for your payments security
Meet regulatory compliance and future proof your HSM estate

Discover the top 10 reasons to migrate to Atalla AT1000 for your payment security

Atalla AT1000 - The fastest and most compliant HSM in the Payment Industry

Since it’s first release in 2017, the Atalla AT1000 has been widely adopted by Acquires, Issuers, Payment Processors and Payment Networks across the globe.

As the No.1 Payment HSM in the Americas and Asia you can ensure your sensitive payment data is secured throughout the whole ecosystem.

Atalla AT1000

To learn how the Atalla AT1000 can deliver:

  • Unrivalled payment security
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Reduced total cost of ownership

Download our Top 10 reasons to migrate

Migrating to Atalla AT1000

Partnered with leading payment application vendors to facilitate a smooth plug and play migration. The Atalla AT1000 has been natively integrated with FIS, NCR, ACI, OpenWay, HPS, EFTLab, Lusis (and others) to support any on-premise or cloud deployment requirement. Effortlessly migrate to Atalla AT1000 without changing your application code. Discover more reasons to migrate download our Top 10 reasons to migrate.

Payment security - A critical requirement in today’s threat landscape

The Atalla AT1000 has been specifically designed for the industry and supports cryptographic operations which enables organizations to perform:

  • PIN translation and verification
  • Card verification
  • Card production and personalization
  • Electronic funds interchange (EFTPOS, ATM)
  • Cash-card reloading
  • EMV transaction processing
  • Key generation and injection

As a mission critical hardware to protect sensitive data, perform cardholder authentication and manage the cryptographic keys used to protect retail payment transactions, the Atalla AT1000 offers high performance, flexibility and scalability.

It provides global support for all card schemes such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, UnionPay, Diners and Discover and integrates with all major banking applications. Explore the main benefits of using Atalla AT1000 below:

Download the Top 10 reasons to migrate to Atalla AT1000

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