Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply for business (buying of products / service, maintenance) with Utimaco GmbH. For businesses with subsidiaries of Utimaco GmbH apply the country-specific terms and conditions respectively.

General Terms and Conditions AV BITKOM_20060106
Licensing of Software _Sale_ VÜ BITKOM_20060106
Sale of Hardware VH BITKOM_20060106
Developing of Software VES BITKOM_20060106
Maintenance of Standard Software VPS BITKOM_20060106
Maintenance of Hardware WH BITKOM_20060106
Work Contracts WV BITKOM_20060628
Services DL BITKOM_20060628

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

The following general terms and conditions of purchase apply to all orders placed by Utimaco GmbH, Utimaco TS GmbH and Utimaco IS GmbH, Germanusstraße 4, Aachen.

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Utimaco

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