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Cyber Incident Response

Fast and reliable reporting, response, and recovery of cybersecurity incidents with a Critical Event Management System

In the digital business environment, organization need to be aware of cybersecurity incidents and know how to handle fast and reliable reporting, response, and recovery of cybersecurity incidents.

When it comes to Incident Response (IR), it's crucial to recognize that various types of cyber security incidents necessitate distinct action plans for effective execution. Examples of such incidents include Denial-of-Service Attacks (DoS), Phishing Attacks, Ransomware Attacks, and more. Each of these incidents demands a tailored approach to address their unique challenges.

Upon the identification of a cyber incident, proactive preparation is key. It's advisable to compile a list of action items to be undertaken in advance. One approach is the NIST Incident Response Lifecycle defined in their Computer Security Incident Handling Guide. In detail, it outlines four critical phases:

  • Preparation for a cybersecurity incident,
  • Detection and analysis of a security incident,
  • Containment, eradication, and recovery, and
  • Post-incident analysis.

Furthermore, customization is essential due to factors such as your organization's size, product portfolio, individual parameters, the affected data, or department, as well as compliance requirements and regulations.

For instance, certain attacks may necessitate notifying customers, partners, or other stakeholders about the cyberattack. However, this communication might not be required for all incidents.

For this complex challenge, a Critical Event Management system can serve as a valuable tool. This system assists  in categorizing the requisite action items for each type of cyber incident. Consequently, in the event of an incident, you can swiftly initiate the necessary actions without squandering precious time.

Utimaco’s Critical Event Management system, CEM, comes with predefined templates and events for a variety of cybersecurity incidents, so you can directly execute processes to resolve the issue.

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