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Manufacturing & IoT

Manufacturing & IoT Data Security in the Cloud

Robust data security in the cloud enables the manufacturing and IoT sector to offer efficiency, scalability, flexibility, and productivity.

The internet of things (IoT) influences our daily lives, and smart devices are connected everywhere. These connections span across smart devices, smart systems, to smart manufacturing plants. Equally, the industrial IoT (IIoT) is becoming essential in enabling industry 4.0.

All these smart applications generate a massive amount of data,necessitating the requirement of integrating cloud technology for data processing and storage. Cloud-based operations enable manufacturers to expand their business, drive innovation and connect everything to everyone.

However, just like the cloud size, the attack surfaces are also expanding. Due to many interconnected points between the systems and devices as well as the constant data exchange with the cloud, attackers can target cloud data causing data loss, breaches, and device tampering, for example. This requires the manufacturing & IoT sector to have strong cloud data security.

Cloud data security can be achieved with various methods that allow users to control their sensitive data entirely or partially when data is at rest or in motion.


Applications for Manufacturing & IoT Data Security in the Cloud


Double Key Encryption

Enables protection of sensitive data by securing encryption keys in the HSM and Azure cloud. Without access to both keys, the relevant data remains securely encrypted.


Multi-Cloud Key Management

A bring-your-own-key strategy (BYOK) allows to securely orchestrate services and data flows across multiple clouds and countries, including customers' local data centers.


General Purpose Hardware Security Modules

Enables key generation, storage, and exchange. Addresses various performance levels and physical security requirements while fulfilling compliance and regulatory mandates.



Select the key management solution by hosting encryption keys in the cloud provider’s platform or retaining the ownership control of customer-managed encryption keys.



Replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive tokens enables secure business operations without sharing sensitive information.



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