Trust as a Service

Trust as a Service

Creating trust for your digital business within a few clicks.
Driven by yourself – powered by Utimaco.

Discover Trust as a Service

The self-service portal for cybersecurity: With Trust as a Service, we enable you to create the digital trust you need for your business applications. Discover a combination of services to protect your sensitive data, ensure the authenticity of your documents, and manage the identity of your devices in one self-service platform. Once you have signed up, you can simply subscribe to a service and choose the scope you need. Perfect for organizations of all sizes and for a variety of business applications.

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Experience cybersecurity as a service

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Benefit from digital trust, created and controlled by yourself

  • Scalable trust – driven by yourself: Trust as a Service is based on a flexible subscription model that grows with your organization and adapts to your business’ needs.
  • Flexibly manage services in a unified portal: Centrally manage all your services, devices, keys, and data in the Trust as a Service portal.
  • Protect and control sensitive data in the cloud: Achieve sovereignty of your data stored in the (public) cloud with strong encryption and key management.
  • Ensure document authenticity: Prove the status and authenticity of your digital documents in an audit-proof manner.
  • Manage IoT identities: Assign unforgeable digital identities to IoT devices and components, that can be verified and managed at any time.
Available services

Available services

Device Attestation as a- service teaser

Device Attestation as a Service

Develop a robust cryptographic framework to verify the integrity of IoT Devices
File Encryption Teaser

File Encryption as a Service

coming soon
Cloud Key Management Teaser

Cloud Key Management as a Service

coming soon
Electronic Timestamps Teaser

Electronic Timestamp as a Service

coming soon

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