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A comprehensive alert control and management tool for all communication delivery channels.

When lives are at stake, one needs absolute confidence that your emergency alert system is infallible and will be able to handle any crisis on every level. The u.warn Command Post is a central alerts creation, control and management tool for all u.warn delivery channels. It is a fully fledged CBE (Cell Broadcast Entity) that in addition to the CBC, also correlates with all other u.warn products, starting from location-based SMS all the way through the variety of u.warn apps, including desktop alerts, email and IVR.

The Command Post is primarily used by government entities, public and educational institutions as well as enterprises. Its state-of-the-art graphical user interface includes all features required for rapid and easy operation.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Easy-to-use Graphical Interface

allows you to view, control, manage and administrate the Alert Aggregation functionality and the Distribution channels functionality.


Multiple government agencies

The u.warn Command Post is designed to deal with many government agencies as alarm issuers. The solution is suitable on state, federal or regional level or any combination thereof.


Multiple alert languages

Address recipients in their own language to maximize the reach and understanding of your warnings! Distinction in the system for inbound roamers possible.


One System to distribute alarms

The u.warn Command Post is the one tool needed for any government agency to steer all possible means of alarming from one place.


Vendor independent connectivity

Works with all products of the u.warn suite as well as all CBC available in the market.


Versatile setup options

Installation in customer Datacenter either standalone or as High Availability option, Installation on cloud setup or even hosted by Utimaco.



Among others, the Command Post supports pre-defined alerts libraries , pre-defined areas list, various map technologies, layers, roles and permissions, allowing customization for protocols and permissions of the customer and their specific roles and responsibilities. Also, the required dashboards and reports are provided for close monitoring of the alert via the delivery channels.

Whilst alerts may be activated manually, the Command Post can also connect to external monitoring devices e.g. earthquake, tsunami or flood sensors.

The Command Post allows for advance preparation and readiness for all fundamentals required in an emergency and so when the situation arises, alerts and protocols are easily and rapidly activated.

u.warn Command Post Office


Command Post works as an alert aggregator by controlling and managing the logic of the public warning system solution. This module provides the following functions:

  • Easy-to-use Graphical Interface - allows you to view, control, manage and administrate the Alert Aggregation functionality and the Distribution channels functionality.
  • Distribution Reference Details - manages reference information per distribution channel
  • Warning Notification Alert Properties - maintains alert properties and alert status
  • System Status – provides data as to the system’s status and health
  • Report and data analysis – aggregates and displays relevant quantitative and statistical data
  • Process control – implements flows and procedural logic using sophisticated settings and controls
  • Alert Distribution Channels (Bearers)
    The distribution channels serve as the means of communicating information to the public. They are defined channels in the system pre-configured for use in specific scenarios to alert the population about emerging disasters or critical information. Once submitted and approved, the alerts are distributed reliably to the public within seconds. The Mobile Alert Gateway is the distribution channel available for use of the alert notifications. It provides alerts through:
  • CBC module – connectivity with multiple CBCs with support of redundant links including CMAS broadcast messages
  • Interactive Broadcast messaging – direct interactive option-based communication with the public via a broadcast message with selection menus that garner responses.
  • SMS module – Connectivity with SMS Alert Server for SMS distribution through mobile operator’s SMSC
  • Mobile app module – apps downloaded by the public to their mobile devices allow direct and immediate location based communication. The u. warn app available for Android and iOS devices is one such example
  • SIM Toolkit – SIM toolkit application installed on SIM/E-SIM cards, which displays relevant location based alerts sent from Command Post.
  • Social Media channels – such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Other elastic, government accessible channels may be available for use such as TV, Radio, sirens and billboards. 
Magen command post office


  • Predefined alert templates and libraries
  • Predefined target areas
  • Customized operation workflow
  • Multiple alert languages
  • Hundreds of users
  • Multiple government agencies
  • Easy to use customized GUI
  • Users’ roles and responsibilities Management 




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