Byok and Hyok


Control your cloud data and keys based on your business requirements

With digital transformation, cloud utilization for data storage and processing is gaining rapid adoption across all industries. However, at times, organizations are limiting their use of cloud solutions due to trust concerns and a lack of confidence in cloud platforms.

While the exponential growth of cloud services has increased the capacity of data storage and speed up the processing of sensitive data for businesses, it has also turned the cloud into a haven for cybercriminals. Due to the increasing number of cyberattacks, organizations need to manage risk in the cloud by adopting robust cloud data protection and key management solutions.

Depending on the business needs, the organization can adopt Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) options.

BYOK enables organizations to host their encryption key inside the cloud provider’s platform, and HYOK helps to retain the ownership and control of customer-managed encryption keys.

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