Identity and access management

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the cornerstone for strengthening the security of any organization’s digital environment

Securing devices and data against unauthorized access - internally as well as externally - is crucial to ensure security and compliance in today’s environment.

Connected environments consisting of devices and other digital entities such as software, are becoming increasingly interconnected. The data they generate as well as the entities themselves, can be accessed remotely by users both inside and outside of an organization’s environment. This provides significant benefits in terms of transparency and manageability. However, it also creates security risks such as fake identities or unauthorized access to data and applications, if adequate Identity and Access Management is not in place.

A well-defined IAM strategy starts with the secure setup and configuration of the environment and its individual digital components. This includes having reliable mechanisms for secure access management in place, based on the use of appropriate security tools.

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