Trusted Timestamp


Highly secure, reliable, and accurate timestamps are the ideal solution for providing reliable proof of time

To enable trustworthy digitalization of business processes and ensure reliability, timestamps are crucial.

Many use cases across all industries require reliable proof of existence, status and content of documents and electronic records at a specific point in time. Some examples are:

  • eTender platforms that need to ensure that an offer was submitted at a specific point in time,
  • Banking & financial institutions must ensure fund management compliance, high-frequency trading, electronic ledgers, smart contracts. Every contract or transaction requires an audit trail using accurate, precise timestamping
  • Lottery and gambling vendors must ensure the same for submission of bets, cash-out and payment transactions.
  • In Public Services proof of time through timestamps is required for the issuance and signing of legal documents or event occurrence/notification.

Depending on the specific use case, timestamps must be supported by using specific hardware-based security or based on an official Timestamp Authority (TSA) to fulfill various requirements such as eIDAS. UTIMACO provides the appropriate timestamping solution for each use case.

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