The most secure way to enable applications based on cryptographic keys is through the use of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). They generate, store, manage and securely decommission cryptographic keys. HSMs are considered the first choice for providing a Root of Trust and securing the privacy, authenticity and integrity of data and people, e.g. in the Internet of Things.

5G Lawful Interception

5G Lawful Interception

The comprehensive solution for lawful interception, supporting fast mediation of broadband multimedia traffic from 5G networks while meeting the specifications of Global Standards
5G Security

5G Security

5G - Secure Storage, Management & Processing of Subscription Credentials
5G Technology

5G Technology

5G- the value for businesses and a disruption to cyber security


Multi-factor Authentication. Eliminate the primary target of hackers - the password.

Bank Card Issuing

Securing consumer data and preventing fraud whilst ensuring compliance with government and industry data regulations


Improving blockchain security with HSMs


Select the key management solution by hosting encryption keys in the cloud provider’s platform or retaining the ownership control of customer-managed encryption keys.
Cloud-Service Architecture

Cloud Service Architecture

Adapting to a Cloud Service environment
Code signing

Code signing

Code Signing – a fundamental way to secure innovation
Database encryption

Data and database encryption

Data and database encryption to protect business-critical and personal data
double key encryption

Double Key Encryption

Sensitive data protection and controlling in Azure Cloud with Utimaco DKE Anchor for Microsoft Double Key Encryption (DKE)
General Purpose hardware security

General Purpose Hardware Security Modules

Enables key generation, storage, and exchange. Addresses various performance levels and physical security requirements while fulfilling compliance and regulatory mandates.
Identity and access management

Identity and Access Management

Efficiently protects devices and data against unauthorized access. This is crucial to ensure security and compliance in today’s environment. Identity and Access Management provides significant benefits in terms of security, transparency, and manageability.
Key Injection

Key injection

Key Injection gives every Device an Identity
Key management

Key Management Solution

Sensitive data must not only be encrypted, but also kept secure while in motion, in use, or at rest. Reap the benefits of properly managing your encryption keys.
Monitoring the Internet of Things (IoT)

Monitoring the Internet of Things

Securing the IoT for Lawful Interception monitoring requirements
Multi-cloud Key Management

Multi-cloud Key Management

Generate, store, manage and maintain cryptographic keys in a secure environment
Payment HSM service

Payment HSM as a Service

Outsource your Payment HSMs to a fully managed, globally accessible, cloud-based service
PCI-Compliant Payment Card Processing

PCI Compliant Payment Card Processing

Securing and protecting the financial services industry with end-to-end transaction security
Post quantum crypto agility

Post quantum crypto agility

Quantum supremacy and the ever increasing threat
Document signing

Qualified Electronic Signatures & Seals

Store your certificates and keys for the signing process in an HSM to prevent others from signing documents with your keys.
Payment HSM as a service

Secure Electronic Payment Services & Open Banking

Account Information Service & Payment Initiation Service Providers
Random number generator

Random Number Generation

True random numbers are the foundation of strong, unique encryption keys.
Secure Retention of Call Traffic Data

Secure Retention of Traffic Data

Secure & Resilient Retention of Call Traffic Data
Security of IoT Components

Security of IoT Components

Protecting IoT Components & Devices with Key Injection
Secure file sharing

Secure file sharing

Enables secure but easy-to-manage data sharing with third parties without running the risk of data interception.
Software based file and folder encryption

Software-based file and folder encryption

Reliable data encryption at the file and folder level to protect data against unauthorized access and to fulfill data protection regulations.


Keeping sensitive information secure and private by encrypting with tokenisation
Tokenization of Credit Card Payment Data

Tokenization of Payment Data

Keeping sensitive payment data secure and private by encrypting with tokenization
Trusted Timestamp

Trusted Timestamp

Secure Timestamps for Document & Data Authenticity
V2X Communication

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Communication

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) - securing transmission of data from Vehicle to any entity
Zero trust

Zero Trust Security

In a Zero Trust Architecture, continuous validation at every stage of a digital transaction is required. This overcomes limitations of other principles built upon implied trust zones and limits the risk of internal and external threats.

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