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Critical Event Management

Prepared for any business disruption - Maintain supply chain and keep people safe in production

Manufacturing and IoT providers are responsible for providing a safe workplace, maintaining production and the supply chain and keeping up logistics trends such as smart and sustainable manufacturing. In this challenging situation, it is important to be prepared for any disruptive event. Not only to ensure the safety of the workforce, but also to maintain the supply chain and inform business partners and customers of any delays caused by unforeseen circumstances.

A Critical Event Management (CEM) system allows organizations to define and establish automated workflows and communication policies for any critical event. Critical Event Management includes not only protecting the workforce but also developing strategies to maintain the supply chain. In the wake of a critical event, manufacturing operations may come to a halt, requiring a rapid resumption once safety conditions are restored. 

To facilitate this, manufacturing organizations must implement comprehensive plans for post-event communication. This includes distributing information to all employees, reassuring them about the nature of an event and confirming that a safe work environment has been restored.

Post-event analysis is also critical. By evaluating the cause, the response and the impact of an critical event, manufacturing organizations can improve their preparedness for the future. This comprehensive approach, driven by Critical Event Management, aligns with the adoption of smart devices and IoT technologies in the manufacturing realm. Leveraging these advanced tools not only streamlines operations but also strengthens the ability to effectively manage critical events. As a result, manufacturing and IoT providers are better equipped to navigate the intricacies of today's ever-evolving landscape.

Discover how Utimaco's Critical Event Management system meets the needs of the manufacturing and IoT industry to ensure the safety of people and the resilience of the supply chain.


Applications for Critical Event Management in Manufacturing & IoT


NIS2 Compliance

Meeting the business continuity requirements of the NIS2 Directive with Critical Event Management


CRA Compliance

Fast and reliable reporting and recovery of cybersecurity incidents


Risk Analysis

Moving from a reactive to a proactive approach – preventing incidents from becoming a crisis


Cyber Incident Response

Fast and reliable reporting, response, and recovery of cybersecurity incidents with a Critical Event Management System


Emergency Management

Be prepared for any kind of emergency with Critical Event Management


Business Communication

Prevent incidents from becoming crises with the right business communications


Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) ensures the operational continuity of companies and organizations in extreme situations.


Post Event Analysis

Monitor, track, and analyze critical events to optimize your internal processes for incident response

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