Data protection solution

Data Protection

Reliable data protection for compliance and prevention of data breaches

In today’s world, data is the centerpiece of insight, strategy and success for each organization. Data, when combined with analytics, enables organizations to generate and build more comprehensive and unified business models.

Data Protection Solutions from UTIMACO: always on the safe side

Utimaco offers a holistic data protection product portfolio to secure data at Rest and in Motion. Our data encryption solution ensures that data is only readable to authorized people within the organization. It protects data from external attacks and unauthorized internal access, regardless of the data’s location, whether it is stored on a local device, on the company’s network, or in the cloud. In addition, UTIMACO’s hard drive encryption for laptops secures the physical devices and protects data stored on the hard drive even if the device gets lost or stolen.

To safeguard sensitive data against potential attacks, Utimaco's tokenization solution replaces certain data with non-sensitive tokens, providing assurance that data may be shared securely with third parties - Sharing tokenized data with third parties rather than sensitive data eliminates the risks associated with giving external parties access to sensitive information.

For protecting data hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud, UTIMACO also works together with Microsoft to offer Double Key Encryption (DKE). One key remains in full control of the user – in a tamper-proof Hardware Security Module - and the second key in Microsoft Azure. This adds two-layer security to data stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Introducing a data protection solution ensures that:

  • The integrity of the data is protected from unauthorized modification,
  • Relevant data privacy regulations (like GDPR) are fulfilled
  • Business-critical sensitive data is protected from attackers
  • Sensitive data is protected at rest and in motion - regardless of the location
  • Customer data is securely stored and processed
  • Data breaches and cyber-attacks are prevented
  • Every layer of the data ecosystem is protected
  • Data breaches of any kind are avoided.

Start by encrypting your data. Every additional cyber security solution will add another layer of security, equipping you with a holistic zero-trust data protection portfolio.

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