SecurityServer simulator

Purpose of the Utimaco SecurityServer simulator

The Utimaco SecurityServer simulator facilitates evaluation, development and integration testing without purchase, delivery or installation of hardware. It is currently available for Windows and Linux operating systems. For R&D teams, the simulator aids in the (application) development process. Customers using the CryptoServer Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop their own HSM firmware can use the SecurityServer Simulator for testing and validation. Where HSMs are integrated into existing IT infrastructure, multiple users can test their developments and corresponding interfaces on the SecurityServer Simulator, without affecting production.

The SecurityServer Simulator can be used to integrate the HSM with third party applications that provide standardized cryptographic APIs (PKCS#11, CSP/CNG/SQLEKM or JCE). For these types of plug & play deployments, the SecurityServer Simulator can be used for evaluation of different configuration options, application settings, as well as load-balancing or high-availability scenarios.

Overall, the SecurityServer simulator enables you to try out all the SecurityServer features for efficient evaluation, development and integration. It is the simplest and most cost-effictive solution to get started with a Hardware Security Module!

How to get started?

To download the Utimaco SecurityServer simulator, please follow the registration process required in accordance with international export regulations.

Do you have any questions regarding the Utimaco SecurityServer simulator? Or do you need assistance with evaluation and integration testing your solution? Get in touch with us via the below contact form.

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