The most secure way to enable applications based on cryptographic keys is through the use of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). They generate, store, manage and securely decommission cryptographic keys. HSMs are considered the first choice for providing a Root of Trust and securing the privacy, authenticity and integrity of data and people, e.g. in the Internet of Things.



Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) generate, manage and store the secure cryptographic keys that are required for authenticating a user or device in a broader network.



Blockchain is a technology that promises to change how data is stored and businesses operate.

Code signing

Code signing

Make sure to store your code signing certificate in an HSM to ensure the integrity and authenticity of your software and subsequent updates.

Cryptographic key management

Cryptographic Key Management

Utimaco and GEOBRIDGE to provide cryptographic key management and HSM from a single source.

Database encryption

Database encryption

Data is increasingly becoming the focus of modern enterprises. Organizations collect, process and store massive amounts of data on a daily basis.

Key Injection

Key injection

Key injection is the starting point for securely managing a device over its product lifetime in the IoT.

Payment HSM as a service

Payment HSM as a Service

MYHSM is the Global provider of Payment Hardware Security Modules (HSM) as a Service, delivering a secure, versatile, and scalable hosted payment solution in the cloud.

Post quantum crypto agility

Post quantum crypto agility

Quantum computers will decimate the security infrastructure of the digital economy – the only question is when.

Public Key infrastructure

Public key infrastructure (PKI)

Use public key infrastructure (PKI) with Utimaco HSMs as the Root of Trust to secure the Internet of Things.

Random number generator

Random number generator (RNG)

True random numbers are the foundation of strong, unique encryption keys.


Lawful Interception

Lawful interception (LI) refers to the legally approved surveillance of telecommunication services.

Telecom Data retention

Telecom Data Retention

A Turnkey Solution for Telecom Data Retention

Compliance solution

LI Interface Testing

Testing monitoring-solutions by simulating real-time LI traffic

Document signing

Digital Signatures

Store your certificates and keys for the signing process in an HSM to prevent others from signing documents with your keys.

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