General Purpose Hardware Security Module

General Purpose Hardware Security Modules

Providing security for a wide range of cryptographic use cases

For extensive business use cases, cryptography is becoming increasingly important in infrastructures and organizations across numerous industries. As a result, there are a range of new obligations and responsibilities associated with how these secrets are processed, stored, and used, in accordance with country-specific regulations.

General Purpose Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) have long fulfilled new market obligations and responsibilities while also being the most secure method for cryptographic use cases. To ensure the safety of business secrets, HSMs are physical devices that perform cryptographic operations such as key generation and storage, identities and database management, key exchange and encryption, and decryption.

UTIMACO’s general purpose HSMs address different levels of performance and physical security requirements in order to fulfill various compliance and regulation mandates, such as eIDAS, VS-NfD, FIPS, GDPR, and KassenSichV.

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