Insurance process management without a paper trail

Insurance Process Management without A Paper Trail

Insurance is a data-driven industry with a high communication rate with various third parties, leading to enormous amounts of documents exchanged and archived.

By digitizing business processes as one aspect of digital transformation, information can now be digitally exchanged. Also, the archiving of documents can be paperless and easily managed in today’s world.

Previous barriers such as the reliability of digital signatures and electronic traceability of data transfer have been removed with the introduction of applicable laws and regulations, which includes the availability of adequate technology.

Corresponding solutions based on secure cryptography can ensure the same levels of reliability and compliance as required by law - a crucial requirement for all players across the insurance industry.

Starting from eIDAS-compliant electronic signatures to data protection solutions, UTIMACO provides the required security for all digital use cases in the insurance industry.


Applications for Insurance Process Management without A Paper Trail



Replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive tokens enables secure business operations without sharing sensitive information.


Securing Blockchain-Based Applications

Specific generation of private and public keys used for blockchain transactions and secure storage of all related digital assets in a blockchain.



Providing reliable proof of time, highly secure, and accurate timestamps are an ideal solution to enable trustworthy digitalization of business processes and ensure reliability for many use cases across all industries.


Qualified Electronic Signatures

Reliably identifies the signer and protects the document against tampering or forgery, Qualified Electronic Signatures are regarded as the most secure method to digitally prove a subject's identification and acceptance of the content of a document.

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