Reliable proof of time and event notification

Reliable Proof of Time and Event Notification in Insurance

For many use cases in Insurance, reliable proof of time is critical. Some examples are event notification to prove that an event happened at a specific point in time, or with reference to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), where it is essential to ensure that a particular action or service is carried out within a specific timeframe. These examples require an unforgeable electronic record that an event happened at a specific point in time.

As a result of digital transformation, this can no longer be performed manually or with legacy tools such as office applications. Having a resilient, traceable, and most importantly, accurate proof of time, based on clock synchronization, is becoming more and more important.

Digital solutions based on cryptographic timestamps provide reliable evidence and proof that cannot be altered or manipulated, enabling high reliability for all parties involved.

All use cases requiring highly secure, trustworthy, and accurate timestamps can be met by UTIMACO's provision of the necessary solutions.


Applications for Reliable Proof of Time and Event Notification in Insurance



Providing reliable proof of time, highly secure, and accurate timestamps are an ideal solution to enable trustworthy digitalization of business processes and ensure reliability for many use cases across all industries.

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