Secure Supply chain
Manufacturing & IoT

Supply Chain Security

The manufacturing industry is highly dependent on a secure and reliable supply chain to ensure that the end products meet quality standards and consumer expectations.

To achieve this, various measures have been implemented, including using blockchain technology to enhance supply chain safety. Additionally, a zero-trust approach is essential to prevent unauthorized access and ensure secure communication between all parties involved. Qualified electronic timestamps are also being used to provide reliable proof of the integrity and authenticity of critical data. The manufacturing industry can safeguard against potential supply chain disruptions by implementing these measures.

Innovation in blockchain technology also plays a significant role and has the potential to create smarter and more secure supply chains by automating financial processes and increasing the traceability of products and materials, which can be tracked through transparent and solid audit trails with real-time visibility.

With digitalization and the use of IoT devices, there are also more vulnerabilities and entry points of attack for external attackers to gain access for any number of purposes.

To protect every stage of the supply chain, Utimaco provides various cybersecurity solutions that assist in the development of a Zero Trust Architecture. This ensures that every participant in the supply chain environment is verified. In addition, we support applications for additional security in the digital supply chain, such as blockchain security and the creation of evidence and trust with qualified electronic timestamps.


Applications for secure supply chain


Secure blockchain-based solutions

Specific generation of private and public keys used for blockchain transactions and secure storage of all related digital assets in a blockchain.


Qualified electronic timestamps

Providing proof of time and content is essential for various use cases across many industries. Qualified electronic timestamps provide reliable and eIDAS-compliant proof that a document remains unchanged at a specific point in time.


Zero Trust Security

In a Zero Trust Architecture, continuous validation at every stage of a digital transaction is required. This overcomes limitations of other principles built upon implied trust zones and limits the risk of internal and external threats.

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