Compliance VS-NfD Certification


Verschlusssachen - nur für den Dienstgebrauch (VS-NfD) stands for  "classified information - for official use only" and is one of the four levels of secrecy for data in German public authorities.

The secrecy levels describe within German federal agencies classify information according to its impact on the Federal Republic of Germany or one of its states if it were to come to the attention of unauthorized persons:

  • 1. STRENG GEHEIM / TOP SECRET (May endanger the existence or vital interests).
  • 2. GEHEIM / SECRET (May endanger security or cause serious damage to its interests)
  • 3. VS-VERTRAULICH / VS-CONFIDENTIAL (May be harmful to interests)
  • 4. VS-NUR FÜR DEN DIENSTGEBRAUCH / VS-FOR-OFFICIAL-USE-ONLY (May be detrimental to interests).

Information marked as “VS-NfD” is only to be viewed and processed by persons with the appropriate authorization. Mobile data carriers (such as laptops) on which “VS-NfD” information is stored or processed must be encrypted with approved products. The VS-NfD approval is granted by the BSI, the German Federal Office for Information Security.

BSI-certified for VS-NfD: Hardware Security Module and hard disk encryption

With the CryptoServer CP5 VS-NfD, Utimaco provides the only VS-NfD hardware security module that has been approved by the BSI and is therefore the only secure solution for key processing and storage in accordance to VS-NfD requirements.

In addition, Utimaco provides hard disk encryption for laptops processing VS-NfD data. The DiskEncrypt hard disk encryption and the HSM CryptoServer CP5 VS-NfD can also be used together. The keys used in DiskEncrypt are generated securely and automatically with the random number generator of CryptoServer CP5 VS-NfD. No manual actions are required from the user.

You can view the VS-NfD approval of Utimaco products here.

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