Imran Ahmed

Imran Ahmed is an experienced cybersecurity and applied cryptography industry expert, consultant, and writer holding a Ph.D degree in Information Security.

He has developed many information security solutions and also has in-depth technical knowledge of current and future trends in Infosec.


Articles by Imran Ahmed

zero trust signs on lockers
Blog post

Summarizing Zero Trust

In this article, we summarize our earlier 6 part series on Zero Trust, highlighting key principles that have been written as a guidance to help organizations to design and review a zero trust network architecture.
Key management zero trust
Blog post

Achieving Zero Trust with Right Key Lifecycle Management

Discover how to achieve zero trust with the right Identity Management and Data Encryption with the use of efficient and compliant Key Management.
Manag keys virtually
Blog post

Zero Trust with HSM - Secure Key Generation & Protection of Keys

This article explains why and how Hardware Security Modules are the best option for this requirement.
zero trust sign on lockers
Blog post

Data Encryption & Access Management in ZeroTrust

In this article, we explore two vital concepts – Data Encryption and Access Management and how both are critical to a successful Zero Trust strategy.
Blog post

Authentication in Zero Trust

Authentication in Zero Trust is a critical challenge since it is the first phase before establishing trust and granting access.
HSM as a root of trust
Blog post

Understanding the Role of the HSM as the Root of Trust

HSMs due to their cryptographic ability to securely generate and store keys in a secure, tamper-resistant/evident environment – act as the Root of Trust.
digital icons of humans
Blog post

Identity Management in Zero Trust

Identity is at the core of the Zero Trust Model since it’s the gateway to corporate access and poses a major security risk.
The digital lock
Blog post

The Importance of Cybersecurity

The frequency of cyber-attacks is continuously increasing. Therefore, there is a need to implement reliable cybersecurity solutions and build awareness among employees to effectively manage and respond to cyber-attacks.
zero trust architecture
Blog post

Introduction to Zero Trust Architecture

Due to the exponential increase in cyber threats and attacks, Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) has become the latest trend in enterprise cybersecurity.

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