Secure and convenient file sharing – internal, external, across all platforms LAN Crypt 2Go

User-managed encryption – for flexible and secure file sharing

The security of your information should not stop at the corporate boundary. LAN Crypt 2Go enables strong, password-based encryption for sensitive files that need to be shared with external agencies, partners, customers, or other stakeholders. Ideal for secure collaboration among stakeholders from different organizations.

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  • Strong, on-demand file encryption using AES-256 XTS algorithm and Argon2id key derivation
  • Convenient creation and use of password-based keys
  • Secure exchange across all platforms
  • Browser-based version for zero-install environments
  • Key ring for password management
  • Pre-defined password policies to ensure security
  • Outlook integration for encryption of attachments in emails and calendar invites
  • Seamless integration into LAN Crypt

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Browser-based encryption

Browser-based encryption

No software installation needed

Your partners do not have to install any software. Encryption and decryption can be executed securely via the LAN Crypt 2Go web application: 

Recipients of an encrypted file can decrypt it here with the corresponding password.

Seamless workflows – end-to-end encryption and decryption LAN Crypt 2Go integrates into your workflows and automatically decrypts and encrypts files whenever necessary. Passwords are automatically added to your personal keyring for future use. Once stored, they are instantly available and enable seamless and transparent encryption/decryption workflow. When connected with LAN Crypt Cloud, the keyring is synchronized across all your  clients. Keys you have used on one device are immediately available on all your other devices.

Convenient mail client integration LAN Crypt 2Go integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook for Windows and allows both automatic and manual encryption of files attached to emails or calendar invitations, conveniently and easily with a password. This reduces the hassle of email encryption without compromising the security of your data. Thanks to the "Key Ring" password storage, the appropriate key is automatically pre-selected if a password has already been exchanged with the recipient of the email.

On-demand encryption for changing teams and various channels

In today’s collaborative environment, project teams change frequently. LAN Crypt 2Go provides a secure way of sharing information among team members and even across teams. No matter what channel you use to communicate or what cloud platform you use to share, encryption keeps your information secured against unauthorized access.

Integration into enterprise file and folder encryption solution LAN Crypt

The transparent file and folder encryption solution LAN Crypt and the on-demand solution LAN Crypt 2Go work seamlessly together and can be purchased as a bundle. LAN Crypt provides the ability to import keys created with 2Go into the central administration. The security administrator can then create encryption rules and centrally distribute them along with the keys to some or all users. On systems with LAN Crypt, files are transparently encrypted and decrypted as usual. On systems without LAN Crypt, the encrypted files can be read with LAN Crypt 2Go. This can be done both internally and externally.

Access the 30-day free trial


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