What is Lawful Interception?

Definition: Lawful interception (LI) refers to the legally approved surveillance of telecommunication services. In principle, both phone and data providers must comply with requirements from the government for lawful interception. This includes mobile network operators and equipment vendors, as well as internet service providers. The basic principles are as follows: the interception targets a specific user only, and the subject of interception should be unaware of the process.


Lawful Interception explained

Although the particular means of lawful interception have evolved since the era of landline telephones, the fundamental concept remains the same. The interception is now directed at a specific individual or individuals rather than a wide surveillance operation that would confine a large amount of data for filtering or storing.

Lawful interception has become an important tool for law enforcement agencies and other government services around the world for investigating and prosecuting criminal activities and terrorist operations. It refers to the capabilities in telecommunications and telephone networks that enable law enforcement agencies with court orders or other legal authorization to selectively intercept customer communications.

LI technologies allow legally authorized personnel to intercept communication between certain users. Lawful interception gateways allow them to capture communications without resorting to mass surveillance techniques that collect extremely large amounts of information.

Utimaco understands the difficult balance of enabling authorised people to access your network whilst maintaining security. Furthermore, the evolving regulatory and communication technology landscape necessitates dynamic lawful interception solutions as each country follows national laws as well as local legal requirements and practices.

Utimaco provides Lawful Interception Solutions in accordance with national legislation to telecommunications providers who have followed due processes and have received the required authorization from competent authorities.





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