Hard drive encryption

Hard Drive Encryption

Direct encryption of the hard drive - so that nothing gets into the wrong hands

Data is not only stored on a central database, employees frequently store data directly on the hard drive of a laptop.

But what happens if this laptop is lost? This risk has increased in times of remote work and home office. Even without knowledge of the system password, with the right methods you can access the data that is stored on the hard drive.

A solution for this risk is hard drive encryption. By applying the method of hard drive encryption, the laptop remains locked before the operating system boots. It can then be unlocked by entering a password or in combination with a smartcard. Without knowing the password or having the smartcard, all data stored on the hard drive remains encrypted. Most hard drive encryption solutions use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Utimaco provides a reliable, sector-based hard drive encryption solution that is also BSI approved for information with RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED, NATO RESTRICTED and VS-NfD classifications.

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