Zero trust

Zero Trust Security

A Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) framework is a key enabler for next-generation cybersecurity within organizations

Organizations across all industries have experienced a change in their working environment due to digital transformation. As a result, the number of connected identities, devices, applications, software, and data, has experienced significant growth. This expansion of IT infrastructures within organizations provides huge advantages for remote access and management, for example, enabling remote working. However, it also increases the likelihood of both internal and external threats.

In comparison to other security approaches, ZTA eliminates implicit trust as it is not built upon implied trust zones. It continuously validates every stage of a digital transaction.

Based on the general principle of “Never Trust, Always Verify”, a properly built Zero Trust Architecture requires that all and any users, devices, applications, and any additional infrastructure components both inside and outside of an organization's network, to continuously be authenticated, authorized, and validated before accessing systems and data.

By utilizing several working principles, ZTA consistently protects organizations as well as their digital assets against unauthorized access.

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