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The automotive industry is radically changing from standard vehicles to more software-driven vehicles alongside industry disruptions such as autonomous, electric, connected, and shared mobility. As the complexity of cyber-attacks intensify, security risks for the entire automotive industry have become elevated, with the requirement for stringent security measures and attested devices becoming paramount for creating trust in the supply chain network.

While new technology and players emerge alongside passenger expectations; the industry’s traditional role of a ‘hardware provider’ shifts to a ‘provider of connected mobility and transportation solutions, ranging from new digitally enabled services to the software-driven, battery-operated, artificially intelligent, autonomous vehicles of the future. Furthermore, significant differences in mobility innovation are anticipated across individual cities based on their local conditions and needs.

Digitalization with such applications will penetrate deeper into the core areas of vehicles. In turn, large amounts of data are produced and require secure, resilient, and vigilant cybersecurity considerations to stay one step ahead of hackers and other adversaries.

Smart vehicle parts and components are becoming a more appealing target for cyberattacks. Therefore, these parts and components need to have unique identities to provide protection against tampering or attacks.

Due to increasing attack vectors, an end-to-end cybersecurity module is required that not only helps to protect the vehicle in motion but also protects the ecosystem where the vehicle is manufactured and during the vehicle phase-out.

UTIMACO provides a range of solutions based on specific use cases for vehicles and enterprises in the automotive industry.

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