Secure file sharing

Secure file sharing

Secure data transfer with external parties that will not slow-down the business

A company’s data is a valuable asset that needs to be protected. There are several data protection strategies that organizations can implement to protect and secure their sensitive and business-critical data, as well as the personal data of their customers and employees. One option, for example, is data encryption.

It would inconvenience the business if all data was kept under lock and key, as in many instances it is required for collaboration with external stakeholders. Security is essential, but it should not obstruct business processes. Therefore, for confidential data which is shared with external parties like customers, business partners, or vendors, security measures need to be in place that are uncomplicated and do not overwhelm the business.

Utimaco provides data encryption software that also takes into consideration the challenges of external data transfer and in addition a tokenization platform solution that enables secure data sharing between IoT devices. Data File offers a password-based encryption feature that enables a secure and convenient way of sharing data with external business partners.

KeyBRIDGE TokenBRIDGE replaces sensitive data with a non-sensitive equivalent, known as tokens that have no exploitable meaning or value. This enables secure data usage for various business applications.

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