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Read about successful implementations of our HSMs. We provide you with a number of practical cases where Utimaco HSMs serve as the Root of Trust.

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Axfood Case Study
Case study

Axfood – One of Scandinavia’s Largest Food Retailers, Turns to Hardware to Secure Payment Data

C2 Company Case Study
Case study

C2 Company – Securing a key player in the US auto industry with Utimaco HSMs

EIUS Case Study
Case study

EIUS – Secure signing and sharing of electronic documents using Utimaco HSMs

Escrypt Case Study
Case study

escrypt – Secure Key Management for Embedded Systems

Global Accelerex
Case study

Global Accelerex enhances payment security to meet industry standards with MYHSM

Halcom Case Study
Case study

Halcom – Protecting Qualified Digital Certificates with Utimaco HSMs

Kaunas Case Study
Case study

Hardware-based DNSSEC Signing – Turning Domain Administrators into Gatekeepers of the Internet

Hashicorp Case Study
Case study

HashiCorp – Centralized secrets management with regulatory compliance

Inwebo Case Study
Case study

inwebo – Protecting digital identities: secure, simple and cost efficient

Irdeto Case Study
Case study

irdeto – Protecting Valuable Media Assets from the Threat of Piracy

Casestudy Control System Manufacturer
Case study

Meeting the Wide Range of Requirements of a Control Systems Manufacturer

Ministery of Safety and Justice Netherlands Case Study
Case study

Ministry of Justice and Security – Dutch Judicial Information Service facilitates border control using Utimaco HSMs

MQA Case Study
Case study

MQA – revolutionary step in digital sound quality and authenticity

NASK Case Study
Case study

NASK – DNSSEC Implementation

Nayapay Case Study
Case study

NayaPay – Atalla AT1000 HSMs Secure Payment Data and Satisfy PCI DSS Requirements

Nexus Case Study
Case study

nexus – Greenwave Systems use neXus and Utimaco products to offer secure solutions for smart homes

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