Central Management and Control
An HSM is no longer a Black Box

Central Management and Control

Utimaco’s solution for easy and centralized management and monitoring of Hardware Security Modules

The challenge of managing HSMs

Using HSMs as the root of trust is essential for securing an organization’s cryptographic environment. However, as the deployment of integrated HSMs proliferates across the organization, monitoring and managing them can quickly evolve into a labor-intensive task. This challenge is particularly evident when HSMs are utilized across diverse use cases, such as payment systems, network communication, and general purpose applications.

HSM Management made easy by Utimaco

Transitioning to a centralized HSM management platform empowers HSM administrators to efficiently address capacity, network, and compliance issues with efficiency and precision. By leveraging real-time status updates, comprehensive compliance reporting, and centralized alerts, administrators can seamlessly and promptly manage any uprising issues.

Utimaco provides a seamless solution for centrally managing your HSM infrastructure with ease, convenience, and transparency. Our solution provides a single pane of glass for monitoring, controlling, and managing HSMs, along with comprehensive audit logs to assist in attestation and support high capacity.

Investing in a cohesive and centrally managed platform enables IT and security teams to enhance their agility and adaptability in response to evolving requirements and challenges. As data moves freely across the organization to support business objectives, introducing new services becomes quicker and more efficient, without compromising security.

HSM management allows you to:

  • Administer and audit your HSMs centrally
  • Easily track HSMs located across various sites for better visibility and management
  • Monitor the status, performance, and usage of your HSM devices through a robust and automated dashboard
  • View historic CPU utilization, commands executed, and failure charts with speed buttons to go back in time
  • Apply Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for users
  • Receive real-time alerts and insights, which allow administrators to take immediate proactive measures.

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