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Why is there a need for monitoring and alerting for HSMs?

HSMs are essential in securing sensitive data and cryptographic keys in almost all industries. 

HSM monitoring and alerting are required for several reasons. Security compliance: Many industries
have stringent security compliance requirements that mandate monitoring and logging of HSM
activities. Risk Mitigation: Monitoring HSM activity helps organizations detect any suspicious
behavior or unauthorized access attempts, enabling them to take timely action to mitigate risks.
Operational Insights: Monitoring tools provide valuable insights into HSM usage patterns,
performance metrics, and resource utilization. Alerting Mechanism: HSM monitoring tools can
generate alerts for various events such as key tampering, unauthorized access attempts, or
configuration changes.

360 HSM Monitoring (ex: u.trust 360) All-in-One Solution

Utimaco’s 360 HSM Monitoring is based on the 5 crucial pillars of the monitoring and alerting system – Monitoring, Alerting, Administration, Load Balancing, and Emulation

The value propositions that you get with these pillars are:

  • Automated monitoring of HSMs, reducing human errors and ensuring that all crypto
    operations and health are monitored effectively.
  • Real-time device status update with an option for user-defined threshold alerts and
    compliance audit reporting.
  • Complete overview of HSMs from a single point, enabling easy management of crypto
    operations, data analytics, and new implementations.
  • Assurance that HSMs are performing efficiently without outages.
  • Management of legacy Atalla Banking APIs or non-Atalla Banking APIs.

How to get started?

Ready to experience the benefits of Utimaco's 360 HSM Monitoring? Start with our 30-day free trial.
To download it, please follow the registration process required by international export regulations.
This trial period allows you to explore the features and benefits of our product, helping you make an
informed decision.

If not directed directly to the download page, follow the steps after registering:

  1. Click on support in the top right corner and select downloads
  2. Search and select - u.trust 360
  3. Download the virtual appliance and, if necessary, the upgrader
  4. Download the documents from the documentation for easy deployment if needed

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