Use Cases

The most secure way to enable applications based on cryptographic keys is through the use of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). They generate, store, manage and securely decommission cryptographic keys. HSMs are considered the first choice for providing a Root of Trust and securing the privacy, authenticity and integrity of data and people, e.g. in the Internet of Things.

Authentication and Identification

Authentication and Identification for Financial Transactions

In retail, secure digital authentication and identification prior to the execution of financial transactions is essential. This ensures protection against unauthorized access to customer accounts, data, applications, and disruption to financial services.
Enabling Compliance in Banking & Financial Services, Atalla AT1000, Cryptosec Banking


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all credit card information companies operate and maintain a secure environment.
CEM Monitor

Critical Event Management

Overview about Critical Event Management Use Cases
On-Premise data security

Data protection - data at rest and in transit

Data protection is the must-have cybersecurity discipline. It ensures that sensitive information is protected against from unauthorized access, loss, or manipulation. It encompasses two critical aspects: data at rest and data in transit protection.
Device identity protection teaser

Device Identity Protection

In today’s environment, networks are being utilized by an increasing number of connected digital identities such as mobile end-user devices or cars. Therefore, all participants must have a unique digital identity, enabling network-wide security.
Digital ID Cards and Passports

Digital Signatures and Timestamps

Digital Signatures and Timestamps are crucial to meet standardized assurance levels, for the purpose of facilitating interoperability, acceptance and legal assurance. Based on highly secure cryptographic keys, they are providing traceabilty and compliance.
Data protection Laptop

Digital Transformation

Start the Secure Digital Transformation in the cloud.
Early Warning

Early Warning

Early warning solutions that meet local and regional needs.
ESim Provisioning

eSIM provisioning

eSIM in vehicles enables secure flexibility with worldwide cellular connectivity. Secure eSIM prevents attackers from gaining access to vehicles worldwide.
Digital Communication & End-to-end Encryption

IoT Communication

Enabling IoT use cases is a priority for network operators worldwide. Secure communication between multiple endpoints and devices over networks is necessary across all industries.
Lawful Interception Solutions for Mobile Network Operators

Lawful Interception

Legally compliant monitoring of telecommunications services
Secure mobile payment crypto currencies

Mobile payment and cryptocurrencies

Ensuring secure digital payment transactions that adhere to the PCI DSS framework while protecting confidentiality and integrity, including the security of blockchain assets and crypto wallets for digital currency transactions.
Online Gaming

Online Gaming

Using multi-factor authentication, and setting strong passwords are two ways to protect online gaming accounts and prevent identity theft. However, the next level of security is encrypting the database.
Digital payment security and crypto currency

Online Lottery & Gambling

Trust is good, control is better – verification and on boarding procedures for online casinos and lotteries
Payment Security

Payment Security

With the wide variety of digital payments available to customers, to ensure payment security, retailers need to invest in a robust root of trust, such as a payment HSM.
Public Safety Communication

Public Safety Communication

Utimaco’s u.warn public warning solutions help you to manage emergency events, and communicate warnings to millions of people in seconds.
Public Warning

Public Warning

We are a global leader of Public Warning Systems (PWS), Mass Notification Systems and the world largest CBC (Cell Broadcast Center) provider.
Smart Grid

Smart Energy

IoT security in the context of smart energy is crucial for ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of connected devices and systems.
Smart home

Smart Home

IoT security is a crucial concern in the context of smart homes. With the increasing number of interconnected devices, such as smart thermostats, door locks, and security cameras, the vulnerability to cyber threats rises significantly.
Highest Security for connected production

Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing is a rapidly growing field that relies on integrating advanced technologies into production environments. As such, ensuring the highest level of security for these connected environments is essential.
Secure Supply Chain

Supply Chain Security

The manufacturing industry is highly dependent on a secure and reliable supply chain to ensure that the end products meet quality standards and consumer expectations.
Trusted mobile networks

Trusted mobile networks

Data security in mobile networks is paramount, with a focus on protecting subscribers' identities and data while ensuring secure communications.
Complete protection of digital infrastructure

Vehicle Security

As vehicles continue to become more connected and reliant on technology, cybersecurity has become a crucial aspect of their design.

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