Celebrating 40 amazing years in IT security

In 1983, the German IT security pioneer Dr. Horst Görtz laid the foundation for Utimaco’s success in IT security! We are delighted to share our historical milestones with you, showcasing the development and changes we have undergone over the past 40 years. All stages have played an essential role in Utimaco's success, and we are proud to be part of this history. Join us in celebrating Utimaco's anniversary!


Dr. Horst Görtz (on the right, shaking hands with current CEO, Stefan Auerbach) acquires the computer centre company Utilisation des Machines Comptables, and renamed it uti-maco software GmbH.

Utimaco 1983 Stefan Auerbach and Horst Görtz


Introduction of the PC-based data security system SAFE-MEN at CeBIT (which will evolve into the depicted SAFE-GUARD).

Utimaco 1986 Safe-Guard


Introduction of SAFE-Board, an encryption card that used the Data Encrypting Standard code (DES) to encrypt data quickly, both on hard disks and for data transmission

1989 Utimaco Safe-Board



1991 Utimaco SafeGuard


Cooperation agreement with IBM Deutschland on the sale of Utimaco SafeGuard products by IBM under the IBM logo


  • Merger with the Austrian Safeware Ges.mbH in Linz
  • Change from a private company (GmbH) to a joint-stock corporation, the Utimaco Safeware AG
  • KryptoKom develops the first LIMS.



  • Sales cooperation agreement with Siemens AG under the name Secure PC
  • Acquisition of Dutch distributor D&R, specializing in security solutions
  • Acquisition of US company Mergent International
  • Further subsidiaries founded in Austria and Belgium, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Finland


1998 Utimaco Europe


  • Acquisition of the operating business of Kryptokom GmbH in Aachen
  • IPO as Utimaco Safeware AG at the Neuer Markt, a segment under the Deutsche Börse
  • SafeGuard Easy becomes the world's first security product for Windows 98 to be certified according to the new Common Criteria (CC) level EAL3 certification.
  • Utimaco's smart card solutions are the first in the world to be certified by Microsoft for the new Windows 2000 operating system.


1999 Utimaco IPO


ACG and Utimaco found the joint venture OMNIKEY AG.


  • Focus on business units Personal Device Security (PDS), Digital Transaction Security (DTS) and the system house for customer-specific security service.
  • Discontinuation of business units Network Security and Security Modules.



  • Utimaco celebrates its 20-year anniversary.
  • SafeGuard Easy is awarded test winner for hard disk encryption solutions by Network Computing magazine.


2003 Utimaco 20 years anniversary


Launch of SafeGuard Enterprise security suite

2007 Utimaco SafeGuard Enterprise


Take-over by Sophos through a voluntary public tender offering


  • De-listing from stock market
  • Transfer of the divisions "Data Protection Development / Engineering and Data Protection Product Management" of Utimaco Safeware AG to Sophos GmbH



Utimaco Safeware AG dissolved


EQT Mid Market Investment Strategy (“EQT Mid Market”) acquires the majority stake in the company



Atalla AT1000


  • Mergers and acquisitions: Key management "Geobridge" and Cloud HSM "MyHSM"
  • Utimaco supports stateful hash-based and lattice-based quantum-proof algorithms via a firmware extension: LMS, XMSS, HSS, XMSS-MT from NIST Recommendation.
  • Despite the Chip shortage on the market, Utimaco has secured relationship with our suppliers to match the growing demand with the availability of our products. What this means is: We have been and still are able to deliver our products on time and at the quantity required
2020 Utimaco Geobridge MyHSM


Mergers and acquisitions:

  • PKI, IoT & Professional Services “exceet Secure Solutions”
  • HSM & PKI “Realsec”


  • Mergers and acquisitions: Public Warning Systems & Cell Broadcast Center “Celltick”.
  • Opening of a new office in Mexico.
  • SGT acquires majority stake.
  • Utimaco standardizes two algorithms CRYSTALS-KYBER, CRYSTALS-Dilithium recommended by NIST.
  • Utimaco reaches a revenue of €100 million and employs 500 people overall.


2022 Utimaco Celltick and Mexico Office


  • Utimaco acquires German data protection specialist conpal and drives strategic expansion of its solution portfolio.
  • Microsoft & Utimaco Partnership
  • Digital Realty & Utimaco Partnership


2023 Utimaco Microsoft Digital Realty conpal

The Future

At Utimaco, we are committed to being a leader in the cybersecurity industry and to constantly innovating to deliver products, solutions, and services that meet the highest levels of security and certification.

A big thank you to all our employees, customers, and partners with whom we will continue to create trust.
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