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Data Retention 2.0 - Balancing Crime Prevention

About the white paper

Balancing crime prevention, privacy and cost in a post-Snowden world

This white paper from Frost & Sullivan explains why data retention is particularly important for law enforcement agencies and intelligence services as a critical component of modern crime investigation and terrorism prevention.

Take a closer look at:

  • The critical requirement for police and security services around the world to have access to retained data, particularly in times of recent terror threats

  • Meeting the balance between crime prevention, privacy and cost

  • Service provider challenges - storage and retention of data in order to respond to time critical Law Enforcement Agency requests

  • Data retention as a managed service - how the Utimaco Data Retention Service (DRS) is a purpose-built solution for telecom data retention and designed for seamless integration into existing multi-vendor and multi-service networks

  • How the DRS reduces the risk of unauthorized access and data manipulation whilst ensuring a timely response to law enforcement agencies

Learn how DRS, a carrier-grade, managed service, can assist network operators and service providers in effectively meeting the challenges of data retention by providing flexible deployment options that are compliant with regulatory requirements and international standards.

Data Retention White Paper


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