Q-safe HSM simulator

Start implementing your quantum-safe roadmap now.

Protect the future of your business.

Are you using

  • public key encryption,
  • digital certificates and/ or
  • digital signatures?

If so, the future of your business is at risk. Make sure you become quantum-safe!

Work with the HSM the PQC experts from Microsoft Research, evolutionQ and ISARA work with.

Use the Utimaco Q-safe simulator to implement your quantum-safe roadmap now!

Implement quantum-safe algorithms with the Utimaco Q-safe simulator in your digital infrastructure.

Do you need to run a Proof of Concept (POC) for your products and crypto infrastructure ‘compatibility’ with quantum-safe algorithms?

With the Utimaco Q-safe Simulator, you can test your infrastructure’s readiness for post quantum cryptography using the quantum-safe algorithms CRYSTALS-Dilithium for digital signatures and CRYSTALS-KYBER for general public key encryption and key encapsulation.

Both CRYSTALS-Dilithium and CRYSTALS-KYBER algorithms have been selected by NIST as primary algorithms to be standardized. NIST emphasizes the strong security and excellent performance of both algorithms and expects them to work well in most use cases.

Post-Quantum safe algorithms

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