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Astel (UK) Ltd.

Modern businesses on the African continent are under constant pressure to grow in competitive markets. At Astel, we understand the unique challenges these businesses face and apply our expertise in IT distribution to solve them. We empower ambitious businesses to achieve new levels of success by offering unprecedented levels of choice, flexibility and reliability. Organisations of all shapes and sizes across Africa are becoming increasingly reliant on digital information and electronic transactions to conduct business. Astel’s aim is to bring expert IT security solutions to this region and ensure that this technology is deployed in the most effective manner, so organisations are not vulnerable to cyber-attacks.



Regions: EMEA

Industries: Banking & Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Government & Public Sector, eHealth, Manufacturing & IoT, Lottery & Gaming, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Telecommunications, Telemetry / Traffic Control

Partner Type: Certified Premier Value Added Distributor

Competences: Authentication, Blockchain, Database Encryption, Document Signing, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Tokenization

Website: https://www.astel-africa.com/

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