Device Attestation as a Service
Create cryptographic proof for the trustworthiness of IoT devices

Device Attestation as a Service

Develop a robust cryptographic framework to verify the integrity of IoT Devices

  • As a service offering to assign and verify identities of IoT devices 
  • Choose between 10, 100 or 1,000 signing keys, depending on your use case 
  • Have trustworthy evidence that your devices have not been replaced or tampered with

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Create unique identities for IoT devices

Create unique, unforgeable identities for your IoT devices via cryptographic key injection.


Remote management

Manage key inventory remotely for deployment and utilization of IoT devices.


Trust among IoT Devices

Create trust among IoT devices so that they authenticate themselves to communicate securely and reliably at each access point and with each exchange of information.



The central and secure management for your IoT device identities

Establish trust for your IoT devices: With Device Attestation as a Service, you can assign trusted authentication identities to your IoT devices via crypto-graphic key injection. Once identities have been assigned to the devices, it is possible to detect and prevent the utilization of counterfeit components and eliminate fraudulent warranty claims since you can easily verify the authenticity of the devices.

In addition, you can include device attestation in your audit processes, helping you to keep a real-time log of the status of your devices – provable at any point in time. 

Easily book the service in the Trust as a Service portal and generate cryptographic keys for your connected devices. You always have access to the complete list of keys with the possibilities to import, export and manage them. This allows you to activate end devices, verify their authenticity and withdraw identities. 

The Trust-as-a-Service portal is the central administration portal for managing your cryptographic inventory and devices at a glance. It is remotely accessible and always available, reducing capital expenditures and maintenance. 

There is no need to manage physical resources or worry about availability or compliance. Still, all cryptographic keys are securely stored in a FIPS 140-2 validated hardware platform – available to you via the Trust as a Service portal.


  • Create unique identities for your IoT devices 
  • Detect and prevent the utilization of counterfeit components 
  • Eliminate fraudulent warranty claims 
  • Supports scaling of IoT network by assigning unique identities 
  • Simplify troubleshooting and maintenance in the event of device malfunction 

Central and remote management in one platform 

  • Remote Key Inventory Management 
  • Injection and export of cryptographic keys into your IoT devices Secure key storage and audit possibilities 
  • Extensive audit logging possibilities 
  • Provides detailed key inventory 
  • Reliable tracking of all activities 
  • Secure Key storage in a FIPS 140-2 level 3 validated appliance 

Provides high efficiency 

  • Automatically captures all relevant audit log details 
  • Provides easy export and validation of audit logs 
  • Reduces audit cycles by automatic audit log creation

Easy Licensing Model

Subscription OptionsDescriptionSubscription Period
Set-up feeSet up for Device Attestation as a ServiceOne-time payment for set-up
Standard packageUp to 10 signing keysChoose between yearly or monthly subscription
Plus PackageUp to 100 signing keysChoose between yearly or monthly subscription
Premium PackageUp to 1,000 signing keysChoose between yearly or monthly subscription
Remote Connection Profile

Additional Remote Connection to the Attestation Service 

(1 profile is included in each package)

Choose between yearly or monthly subscription

For prices, please log in to the Trust as a Service Portal 

Technical Specifications: 

Full support of all relevant algorithms 

  • TDES 
  • AES 
  • RSA
  • ECC

As a service

Device Attestation as a Service is part of Utimaco’s Trust as a Service portal.

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