Payment HSM as a Service
A Better Way to Use Payment HSMs

Payment HSM as a Service

A fully managed, subscription-based, Payment HSM as a Service

Utimaco’s Payment HSM as a Service provides a comprehensive suite of fully managed Payment Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) compliant with PCI PIN standards. Leveraging the Utimaco AT1000 Payment HSM or Thales payShield 10K, this service eliminates the need for maintaining on-premises HSM estates.

This service removes the need for customers to invest in hardware, secure facilities, and management resources, and alleviates the burden of PCI compliance, audit, and support.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Access a fully managed service

Providing a fully managed Test, Shared or Dedicated HSM Service, removing the complexity of Payment HSMs


Reduce your total cost of ownership

Convert capex to opex with a dynamic subscription model to align with your business growth. Reduce your costs around Payment HSM and networking hardware acquisition and maintenance, staffing, PCI re-audits, and infrastructure costs.



Payment Applications, whether running on-premise or in a cloud service environment, can connect securely to a group of payment HSMs as an “edge of cloud service”. Payment HSM as a Service can work with public or private cloud providers, maximizing your business flexibility and taking full advantage of multi-cloud strategies.


Focus on your core business

Payment HSM as a Service will manage your HSMs and their compliance, allowing you to focus on your business strategy


PCI Certified

Let Payment HSM as a Service take on the burden of maintaining PCI-DSS and PCI-PIN compliance for your Payment HSMs, with full evidence readily available to your auditors.


High Availability

Users of Payment HSM as a Service have access to a group of Payment HSMs which distribute their workload and provide resilience against equipment failure, network or data center outages, offering 99.999% availability.



Payment HSM as a Service

Payment HSM as a Service is compatible with all major payment applications, is multi-cloud and provides a unique and globally accessible service offering to the whole payment ecosystem.

Connect seamlessly to a group of Payment HSMs of your choice to secure tasks such as PIN protection and validation, transaction processing, mobile and payment card issuance, and key management.

  • Processing Transaction Data
  • Data Encryption/Decryption
  • EMV Transaction Processing
  • Payment Card Verification
  • PIN Processing
  • Card/User Verification
  • PIN Translations and Authorization
  • Realtime Payment Messaging
  • SoftPos Transaction Processing
  • Issuer and Acquirer Payment Processing 

As a service

Our as-a-service options are hosted by UTIMACO in certified datacenters and include everything from set-up to deployment to maintenance.

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