u.Trust 360
The Centralized Management and Monitoring Platform

u.trust 360

Available as: Hardware on-premise

Centrally Manage cryptographic resources including the CryptoServer PCIe card, Atalla AT1000, CryptoServer LAN V5, and u.trust Anchor HSMs with u.trust 360

Delivery time about 2-4 weeks
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  • Centrally manage and monitor the CryptoServer PCIe card, Atalla AT1000, CryptoServer LAN V5, and u.trust Anchor HSMs
  • Provides remote access to the CryptoServer PCIe card, Atalla AT1000, CryptoServer LAN V5, and u.trust Anchor HSMs
  • Real-time monitoring, configuration, and reporting - on premise or in the cloud
Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Monitor performance and usage through one single pane of glass

Provides a central overview and in-depth device information on performance, including usage and settings of all HSM devices. Monitor the CPU usage and all commands in real-time. Can monitor up to 100 commands on Atalla AT1000 with top 10, and detailed graphs.


Central Management of Utimaco HSMs, u.trust 360 users and user groups

Manage internal and external LDAP users with a Role Based Access Control Model as well as 100’s of cryptographic resources.


Easy and centralized Administration in one central u.trust 360 Dashboard

Centrally manage settings, certificates, upgrades, backups and licenses.



HSMs no longer need to be black boxes

u.trust 360 chart


The central management and monitoring solution for  Atalla and CryptoServer LAN V5 HSMs

UTIMACO u.trust 360 is a unified platform that enables centralized administration, monitoring and provisioning of multiple Atalla AT1000 and CryptoServer HSM appliances. It provides an easy-to-use GUI with natural event and decision flow to manage 100s of cryptographic resources more effectively.

This single pane of glass ensures consistent security policy enforcement, provides transparency, and maintains the health of the HSM infrastructure. Leveraging real-time status updates, compliance reporting and centralized alerts; HSM administrators can easily address capacity, network, and compliance issues in a seamless, timely manner.

u.trust 360 is available as a hardware and software appliance for easy integration into an existing cryptographic environment.

We  are proud to announce the availability of u.trust 360 v3.2 - the next generation of easy and convenient HSMs administration. With this release we are offering a significant speed boost and failover architecture. Our new features will help you crack open the “black box” that the HSM once was, and provide useful analytics, reporting, real-time alerts, and much more.  

  • HA/Failover
    • Added support for HA (High Availability) – it is no longer a single point of failure.
  • Performance
    • Better performing UI with significant speed improvements.
  • Graphics
    • More granular graphs with added data points, to increase precision and exactitude.
    • Device maps to create a blueprint of your entire cryptographic real estate
  • Other features
    • Device cloning
    • Device configuration backup

Implement your centralized management and remote monitoring solution today.

Centralized Management Platform

  • Atalla AT1000 and CryptoServer LAN V5 grouping
  • Single pane of glass for management and monitoring
  • Ensures consistent security policy enforcement, provides transparency, and maintains the health of the HSM infrastructure

Log Management, Audit Reporting and Centralized Backup Repository

  • Predefined report templates
  • Real-time status updates and notifications
  • SMTP and Microsoft Exchange Integration
  • Centralized audit and system logs
  • Centralized repository to backup HSM keys and configuration

Alerting Mechanism

  • Real-time alerts
  • Automated, user defined e-mail alerts to monitor CPU, cryptographic operations, and various failures.

Seamless integration & Easy Expansion

  • Easily integrates with existing Atalla AT1000, the CryptoServer PCIe card, and CryptoServer LAN V5 real estate
  • No dependency on HSM firmware
  • Logically group, monitor and manage 100s of HSMs using a modular component architecture

Transaction Monitoring

  • Proactively plan for peak business hours
  • Identify HSM bottlenecks
  • Monitor out-of-box functionalities and customize them accordingly in-line with the company's security policy
  • Perform bulk onboarding
  • Avoid system or network outages before they occur

True Remote Management & Enhanced Monitoring

  • Login session management with live graphs including automatic refreshing
  • Works seamlessly with existing remote management solutions for Atalla AT1000, the CryptoServer PCIe card and CryptoServer LAN V5
  • Monitor the Atalla AT1000 sockets in real time
  • Monitor the hardware health of your HSMs, their crypto operations as well as failures like PIN, CVV, CVC, MAC
  • Detect and avoid breaches effectively

HPE Integrity NonStop System Support

  • Provides transparency of HSMs connected to HPE Integrity NonStop systems
  • Enables flexible network configurations by way of two network interfaces (NIC1 & NIC2) that can be configured in various ways
  • Leverages ASRM (Atalla Secure Resource Manager) running on the HPE NonStop system

Convenient Customization

  • Customizable home screen by expanding existing implementation of tags to widgets

Around-the-Clock Updates

  • Provides real time device status updates and consumption reports via e-mail alerts and via the device dashboard

System Audit Logs & Compliance Reporting

  • Improve security through System Audit Logs
  • Stay compliant through detailed Audit logs and application insights
  • View, save, print, and share detailed compliance reports, based on predefined compliance templates verified through external auditors

Role-Based Access Control

  • Centrally manage and monitor the entire HSM real estate across multiple data centers, network segments and locations
  • Customize user groups
  • Implement granular controls to the managed HSMs
  • Import users from AD / LDAP store or manage them locally

Advanced Search

  • Global search to find and group HSMs with similar configuration


Our on-premise options allow hosting the product directly on-site in your own network or data center.

  • LAN Appliance
  • Virtual Appliance

Atalla AT1000

The fastest HSM in the Payment Industry. Secure your Payment Ecosystem with Atalla AT1000 and benefit from Unique Speed and Global Support.

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Secure key storage and cryptographic processing for common business applications

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CryptoServer CP5

The eIDAS Compliant and CC-Certified Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD)

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CryptoServer CP5 VS-NfD

The VS-NfD compliant solution for key processing and storage.

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Reliable proof of existence and status of documents and electronic records at a specific point in time

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The Root of Trust for Payment Card and Payment Transaction Processing Use Cases

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The specialized HSM for Securing Sensitive Assets in Blockchain Processes

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Quantum-Resistance for a Crypto Infrastructure

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