The Key Injection solution platform for Points of Interaction in Payment Transactions


KeyBRIDGE POI – The single platform key injection solution for payment terminals and peripheral devices

Delivery time about 2-4 weeks
  • Highest compatibility with POI devices
  • Complete Solution with built-in HSM and central key storage
  • Single solution platform for FIPS- and PCI-compliant local and remote key injection
Key Benefits

Key Benefits


High compatibility

Supports more than 350 different devices from various renowned manufacturers of POI systems.


Complete Solution

Benefit from the built-in FIPS- and PCI-certified HSM as a root of trust and the integrated central key storage platform’s logical and physical security.


Highest safety level for executing Key Injection

Enables the administrator to execute local and remote key injection securely in insecure environments according to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI DSS.



KeyBRIDGE POI – The single platform key injection solution for payment terminals and peripheral devices



KeyBRIDGE POI is the central solution for local and remote key injection for payment terminals and peripheral devices. It provides a complete solution that consists of an HSM and an integrated central key storage platform.

Due to the built-in FIPS- and PCI-certified HSM it provides the root of trust to execute highly secure key injection in both secure and unsecure environments.

KeyBRIDGE POI has been designed to be a state-of-the-art key injection appliance, keeping up with the technology within the very dynamic payment industry.

Through its capability to integrate with more than 350 different POI devices and its unique key management and functionalities, it ensures secure and reliable payment transactions.

Additional features such as Remote Audit Management, Network support or Real-Time DID Back-up can be licensed for further enhanced functionality and upgraded serviceability, upon request.

Provides high efficiency

  • Provides detailed key inventory
  • Streamlines key injection operational efficiency
  • Automatically captures all relevant audit log details
  • Provides easy export and validation of audit logs
  • Reduces audit cycles by automatic audit log creation
  • Performs both DUKPT and MK/SK key injection

Full Support of all key types

  • DUKPT (PIN, MAC, or Data)
  • Standard E2E keys
  • KEKs
  • Allows Master Session methods as well as alternative derivation techniques
  • Supports other key types

Unifying more than 350 different POI devices

  • Provides central management of the most certified POI devices with their individually unique protocols

Configurable Injection profiles

  • Allows a user to inject up to thirty keys to a single device in just four mouse-clicks

SMK Update functionality

  • Captures each performed action through extensive audit logging
  • Enables reliable tracking of all activities from at least two unique personnel
  • Provides greater granular flexibility to system managers to assign unique role-based access-controls (RBACs)

POS key erasure functionality

  • to clear production keys from POS devices prior to transporting

Central Device Management through one single pane of glass

  • Injection dashboard for each supported device
  • Detailed overview of all necessary features and functions through custom wiring diagrams

Dual control and split knowledge

  • Ability to update the SMK for periodic key rotation

Unlimited capacity

  • Management of unlimited Key Encryption Keys (KEKs)


Our on-premise options allow hosting the product directly on-site in your own network or data center.

  • LAN Appliance



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